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The Villages at Lower Petroglyphs – Phase 1, Albuquerque, NM
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Project Size:

Plan Date:
SunCal Companies
483 acres
1480 Residential Units
6,000sf Neighborhood Retail
24 acre Hotel Site
July 2007

The Lower Petroglyphs – Phase One is known as the “Watershed and Inspiration” parcels within the 6,424 acre Westland Master Plan. The project is located adjacent to the Petroglyphs National Monument/Park and extensive natural open space in the northwest portion of Albuquerque, New Mexico north of Interstate-40.

Upon acquisition of this property from Westland Development Company in 2006, SunCal Companies embarked on a Design Charrette endeavor with the City of Albuquerque to develop a Vision Plan for the first two phases of this ongoing project. With the completion of the Vision Plan by Moule & Polyzoides and the need to verify its applicability to site constraints, topography and market influences, Michael Madden Associates was contracted to formulate and develop the plans for Phase One (Watershed and Inspiration).

In April 2007 the City of Albuquerque reintroduced via public forum their desire to be a community of “Great Streets.” “Social Streets” were streets where one might sit and meet people, talk and walk. “Commercial Streets” were intended to be commercially active, encourage pedestrian use and provide convenience parking for shops. “Ceremonial Streets” were to be grand avenues
with proud architecture. Michael Madden Associates embraced this goal and prepared plans that proposed a community rich in street character with streets framed with architecture and oriented to the pedestrian, neighborhoods integrated with parks and open space, neighborhood retail and a wide variety of housing opportunities. Grand community parks, pedestrian scaled neighborhood parks and views to the natural surroundings provide the terminus to many of the community streets. Row homes with frontage roads give an architectural presence to adjacent arterial roadways. A small neighborhood retail component is located adjacent to the community park and recreation center allowing for residential uses above. Pedestrian and bicycle trails provide linkage to the surrounding natural open space, community parks, recreation areas and residential neighborhoods. Where the topography is gentle and closer to the arterial roadways, higher density alley-loaded residential products, attached and detached, are employed along the tree-lined streets. As the topography of the site rises towards the boundary of the national park residential products become larger with an eye towards absorbing topography, maximizing view opportunities and embracing the presence of the open space. A hotel site is located adjacent to the natural open space along the most western portion of the project site affording spectacular views of the Albuquerque basin and distant Sandia Mountains, the Petroglyphs National Park and providing the terminus to one of the projects “Grand Avenues.”
The Villages at Lower Petroglyphs – Phase 1, Albuquerque, NM
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