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The Fred C. Nelles Property, Whittier, CA
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Project Size:

Plan Date:
SunCal Companies
74 acres
650 Residential Units,
152,000sf Retail,
111,000sf Office
March 2006

The project site, previously operated by the State of California as the Fred C. Nelles Youth Correctional Facility, is comprised of 74-acres located near the northwestern edge of the City of Whittier within the City limits. Given the prominent location on Whittier Boulevard the project has the unique opportunity to create a community atmosphere while providing valuable commercial and office opportunities in the heart of the City.

Replicating the character and quality of the streets in the City of Whittier, the main street leading from Whittier Boulevard to the residential neighborhoods will consist of a tree-lined, two lane street that straddles a wide landscaped median. The “Grand Boulevard” leads to the Village Green and provides access to the Retail Center and Office Garden Park. The boulevard will then continue through the residential core of the project and terminate at another park at the southern end of the site. The circulation pattern throughout the site will include a well-connected system of streets and paths, both internally and to surrounding uses, to encourage users to choose from a variety of transportation modes, including walking and biking.
The Village Retail is strategically located at the corner of Whittier Boulevard and Sorensen Avenue to provide maximum visibility and ease of access. The Office Garden Park is envisioned to be a small scale intimate professional office environment that will consist of several two- to three-story office buildings located in a garden-like setting.

Parks and open space define many of Whittier’s great neighborhoods. This development will build on this legacy by providing parks, “great lawns”, greenbelts and pocket parks that are integrated into the project. In the traditional sense, and at the core of development, is the 1.5 acre Village Green. Offices and residential neighborhoods surround the Village Green, which will be the site of community gatherings such as music, movies, farmer markets and craft fairs. A community recreation center might also be located here.

Inspired by the historic neighborhoods of Whittier, the residential development of the site blends the traditional neighborhood style with current day amenities. A wide variety of housing choices will accommodate everyone from singles to seniors, from first time buyers to empty nesters. Streets designed for the pedestrian will be provided for by accessing garage spaces off of alleys behind the homes and allowing the front of homes to relate to streetscape. Architectural elements such as front porches and “stoops” that contribute to home character will help to achieve a pedestrian scale.
The Fred C. Nelles Property, Whittier, CA

The Fred C. Nelles Property, Whittier, CA
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