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Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Santa Clara County, CA
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Project Size:

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SunCal Companies
150 acres
1416 For-Sale Residential Units
50 Market-Rate Apartments
400 Affordable Housing Units
216,500sf Retail
25,000sf Office
April 2008

In May 2007 the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors directed the County Executive to initiate an RFQ/RFP process for the proposed development of the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds property. The development proposal included housing, commercial development, mixed-use and continued public use of part of the Fairgrounds as a community gathering place for festivals and special events. It is intended to be an urban, pedestrian and transit oriented community and a model of responsible urban planning and environmental sustainability.

Michael Madden Associates, in the role of lead planner, and in coordination with SunCal Companies and Charity Housing, prepared a plan in response to the County’s request and directives representing a well formed urban fabric and mixed-use development, scaled to the pedestrian level and considerate of transportation alternatives. The heart of the project, within walking distance of all neighborhoods,

is an 18.3 acre central core consisting of an elementary school, community recreation center and 11-acre sports park.

Residential neighborhoods, each having a variety of attached or detached residential units, frame the central core. Adjacent to, and in close proximity to the residential neighborhoods are a variety of mixed-use areas offering an array of retail services and opportunities geared to neighborhood needs. A 14-acre neighborhood retail center anchors the north end of the project area providing a locally operated grocery store, a drugstore and other retail services.

A 12.3 acre parcel containing two existing and heavily used County owned buildings has been retained to provide a setting for ongoing community gatherings and festivities. Associated with this parcel is a proposed “Park & Ride” lot with shuttle service to the nearby light rail station.

Community streets are tree-lined with landscaped parkways and framed with a variety of residential and mixed use architecture. Considerate street layout and orientation provide connectivity through the community for pedestrians and bicyclists reinforcing the walkability of the community. The existing peripheral streets surrounding the project site will have retail, mixed use or residential architecture facing them, thus avoiding any community walls and undesirable street edges.
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, Santa Clara County, CA
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