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Purisima Hills, Santa Barbara County, CA
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Project Size:

Plan Date:
Plains Exploration & Production
804 Acres
Residential: 339 acres,
                    1100 units
School Site: 13.2 acres (overlay)
Fire Station: 2 acres
Parks & Trails: 119 acres
Natural Open Space: 294 acres
September 2006

Purisima Hills is a proposed master planned community providing for the preservation of permanent open space and the development of new residential land uses and public recreation amenities on 804 acres of land within the southern most portion of the 3700 acre “Lompoc Surface” oil field, located near the City of Lompoc within unincorporated Santa Barbara County. With topographic features ranging from flat meadows to steep slopes the plan is draped across the land in a responsive pattern respective of the natural features, adjacent land uses and offsite view opportunities. Within regional proximity to Vandenberg Air Force Base views of rocket launch activities as well as spectacular vistas of the Lompoc region avail themselves from the higher elevations on the site. Adjacent to the projects southerly boundary is the Burton Mesa Ecological Preserve and trail system, a highly regarded ecological preserve and “educational” amenity. Harris Grade Road bounds the projects easterly edge and provides regional access to the City of Lompoc as well as Highway 101.

Purisima Hills is envisioned as a residential community within a permanent open space setting providing a variety of housing opportunities to address a range of income levels. Scenic ridgelines are left untouched and form the backdrop to the community.
Over two-thirds of the existing Bishop Pines Forest as well as significant stands of existing Oak Trees are left untouched. Two-thirds of the natural drainage courses and ravines are preserved. A network of hiking trails and sidewalks is proposed throughout the community connecting residential neighborhoods, parks and the proposed elementary school. Access to trails developed by the State of California within the adjacent Burton Mesa Ecological preserve is proposed via a collaborative effort between this project and the preserves management group. Traversing the community will be a comprehensive system of bike trails comprised of off-street bike trails set within the collector street right-of-ways and on-street trails within the local neighborhood streets.

A variety of housing types will be provided ranging from apartments and townhomes to executive type home sites set in the hillsides. Complimenting the neighborhoods will be a 19 acre sports and activity park located adjacent to the primary community entry as well as 100 acres of passive parks and trails connecting an existing Oak Tree Grove and picnic site in the center of the community to the Davidson Creek open space corridor trending northward and the Burton Mesa Ecological Preserve to the south.

A proposed 13.2 acre elementary school site is proposed as an “overlay” use to one of the central residential neighborhoods and a 2-acre fire station is proposed along Harris Grade Road, providing immediate service to Purisima Hills as well as the adjacent communities of Vandenberg Village and Mission Hills. A select number of oil well sites of high yield will be retained within the project with setbacks, buffering and access as per the requirements of the Department of Oil and Gas.
Purisima Hills, Santa Barbara County, CA
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