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Lomas Petaluma, Petaluma, CA
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Lomas Development Group
25 acres
179 SFD Cluster Units,
80 Townhomes
64 Live/Work Units
August 2003

Lomas Petaluma is a 25-acre project located on an old sand and gravel quarry within the City of Petaluma. The site sits adjacent to and above State Highway 101. South Petaluma Boulevard bisects the site into two portions. Approximately 5 acres of the site sits between the boulevard and the Petaluma River with frontage along both. The remainder of the site fronts and sits above the boulevard and highway with views to the bay and estuaries.

Working closely with the Client, Michael Madden Associates developed a plan that maximized the project site’s location and features. An enclave of live/work units is located along the river edge with frontage and visibility along S. Petaluma Boulevard. A small park with access to the river’s
edge provides a pleasant amenity to this portion of the project. The majority of the site is above the boulevard and Highway 101. Two enclaves of townhomes set upon the lower elevations off of S. Petaluma Blvd. within walking distance of the river edge. Set above on the higher elevations are two single family detached neighborhoods separated by slope providing spectacular overviews. The project team worked closely with the City of Petaluma Planning department to develop street standards to accommodate fire/emergency service while reducing pavement widths to the degree possible. Coordination with adjacent land owners was required to align internal roadways for through-access to address emergency and fire concerns.

Several small neighborhood parks and a central pool/recreation center provide amenities for the residents. Pedestrian trails link the various neighborhoods to one another and provide for overview/observation points out to the bay and estuaries.
Lomas Petaluma, Petaluma, CA
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