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Gunner Ranch West, Madera County, CA
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Project Size:

Plan Date:
SunCal Companies
500 acres
2200 Residential Units,
10 acre Elementary School,
29 acres of Parks
April 2006

Working closely with SunCal Communities, Michael Madden Associates embarked on the planning and design of the 500-acre, 2200 unit residential portion of Gunner Ranch West, an overall 1135-acre mixed-use development project located in Madera County. Located west of and within easy access of State Highway 41, the project site is just north of the San Joaquin River bluffs and the river parkway. As part of the comprehensive project, and adjacent to the northerly portion of SunCal’s residential development, are located the 47-acre Children’s Hospital of Central California, 94 acres of Professional Office uses, and 150 acres of regional retail and entertainment uses. Madera County has planned this area for urban uses by the adoption of the Gunner Ranch West Area Plan in October 1994.

The plan developed for the 500-acre residential component responds to the desire to embrace New Urbanist concepts while responding to the transition of territorial and environmental amenities and locales. This transition is further emphasized by the bisecting of the project site via Avenue 9. This roadway is a six-lane arterial providing sub-regional access to the business parks, retail center and hospital, resulting in high density residential  neighborhoods   north   of  Avenue  9, adjacent to the office/retail/hospital components, and
lower density neighborhoods south of the Avenue 9 adjacent to the river bluffs, existing large lot neighborhoods, and the San Joaquin River Parkway.

Walkability and bicycling as primary modes of “getting around” are premier considerations in the plan’s development. Multi-purpose trails are located within parkways adjacent to the primary streets which pass through the residential areas and connect to the mixed-use center. The pedestrian environment is addressed in the scale of the streets, sidewalks and landscape parkways. Alley-loaded homes front onto the main streets to provide pedestrian-scaled architecture with front porches and front stoops. “Village Gardens” are located at primary intersections and act as meeting/gathering places for walks and bike rides with friends and neighbors. Neighborhood parks ranging in size from 1/2 acre to 3 acres create central addresses to the neighborhoods and compliment the various 3-acres to 20-acre sports parks spread throughout the residential areas. A 10-acre elementary school site with adjacent 5-acre park is located central to the southern residential neighborhoods and within walking distance of most homes. Pedestrian walkways and paths, as well as bicycle trails, provide connectivity to all the neighborhoods and uses.

A wide variety of housing types is provided, ranging from single family attached townhomes and condominiums to large single family detached lots.
Gunner Ranch West, Madera County, CA

Gunner Ranch West, Madera County, CA
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