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Citrus Ranch, Indio, CA
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SunCal Companies
1183 acres
3075 Residential Units,
18-hole Golf Course,
75-Room Boutique Hotel
September 2006

Citrus Ranch is a master-planned golf course community with 3075 residential units ranging from single family detached lots at 2.5 dwelling units per acre to single family attached townhomes at 16 dwelling units per acre. Located in Riverside County within the City of Indio Sphere of Influence, the project site sits at the base of the Indio Hills and is intended to be annexed into the City of Indio.

Citrus Ranch integrates a variety of residential opportunities to address varying lifestyles and buyer segments. To emphasize the unique desert setting the plan provides the opportunity for residents to explore wilderness trails and natural open space areas, play golf amongst the Indio Hills and desert landscape and stroll along the tree-lined paseos and trails that connect the various neighborhoods and community amenities together.

Originally an operating citrus farm, the theme of the development reflects the historic use of the site. Citrus trees line the roadways, paseos and greenbelts throughout the project. Nearby palm groves are also reflected along the community streets and within neighborhood settings. The plan provides diverse recreational opportunities via

pedestrian and bicycle trails, wilderness trails and overlooks, a 5-acre community recreation center, community sports parks and playfields, neighborhood parks, and the golf course and clubhouse facility. A 5-acre boutique hotel is proposed along the golf course within walking distance to the clubhouse and restaurant.Environmental conditions pertaining to storm flow, hydrology and sensitive desert vegetation had to be addressed and integrated into the plan. The 56-acre open space corridor and sports park element on the northern boundary of the project and the 230-acre 18-hole golf course provides for a storm water flow corridor for the 25 year storm and greater. Lesser flows are incorporated into “dry creeks” that meander through the park, open space and golf course, providing both a visual and environmental feature. 184 acres of land, within which the Indio Hills are located, includes five golf fairways designed to have minimal impact on the land and to enhance the native landscape surrounding them via plantings and additional vegetation. Areas of sensitive vegetation to be preserved are within the golf course “envelop” outside of the “play” area, and provide areas for additional mitigation as might be deemed necessary.

The success in securing entitlement of the Citrus Ranch plan is the result of a collaborative team effort including the Client, land planning, hydrology and engineering, landscape architecture, golf course architecture, environmental planning and market expertise.

Citrus Ranch, Indio, CA
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