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Brea Highlands, Brea, CA
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Project Size:

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Nuevo Energy Company
824 acres
1850 Residential Units,
18-hole Public Golf Course,
10-acre Hotel/Hospitality
10-acre Neighborhood Retail
December 2000

The Brea Highlands property is home to a partially active oil operation, historic to the City of Brea and surrounding lands.  The property is comprised of rolling hillsides located along the northern boundary of the City within the City’s Sphere of Influence.  Brea High School is directly west of and adjacent to the project site.  State Highway 57 bisects the west corner of the site and provides regional access.

In response to interest expressed by the City of Brea to explore the possibility of developing a golf course community and hotel facility on the property, Michael Madden Associates prepared this development plan in collaboration with the land owner, Nuevo Energy Company, and associated team members. Topographic conditions and features, as well as environmental considerations, were important factors in determining the location and distribution of land uses and the golf course layout. Residential enclaves are nestled into the terrain alongside golf fairways providing spectacular home sites while affording a wide variety of golf play experiences.

The hotel/hospitality facility and golf course clubhouse are set upon the highest developable location on the property. Five golf fairways frame the hotel and golf clubhouse in this prestigious location providing 360 degree views and establishing a memorable address.

Oil operations are integrated into portions of the golf course as deemed appropriate based upon the productivity of individual wells. The design team worked closely with Nuevo Energy Company and the City of Brea to accommodate the necessary criteria and parameters for the ongoing oil operation while developing a residential golf course and resort community around it. Strict development standards for uses in and around oil field operations, as defined by various state and federal agencies, set the parameters for the development plan

A variety of residential product types are provide for to address housing concerns expressed by the City of Brea and reinforced by independent market analysis. Single family detached lots of various sizes are set within the hillsides. Higher density detached neighborhoods, as well as townhomes and apartments are located in the lower, flatter portions of the site where the topography is more accommodating. Significant landforms and topographic features of the site are preserved to create backdrops to the community as seen from both within the project site as well as from a distance.


Brea Highlands, Brea, CA

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